Bob Buckner and Michael Buckner at the Buckner Custom Calls booth.

Chris Buckner, making his first crow calls for Buckner Custom Calls in 2010.

Casey Buckner making his first crow calls for Buckner Custom Calls in 2011.

Lauren Buckner making her first crow calls for Buckner Custom Calls in 2012.

Buckner Custom Calls is a family operated custom call making company.  Buckner Custom Calls first began in 1996. 




Bob Buckner decided he didn't want to pay others to do something he could do himself, so he started making turkey calls.  Bob started out by spending time with other call-makers, and, being a lifetime machinist himself, he decided to give it a go.  In the beginning, he made a few box calls, some crow calls, and some pot calls.  Later he added trumpet-yelper calls to the mix.  Bob only made a few calls every year and always worked a full-time job while making his calls.  
















In 2001 Bob's son Michael joined Buckner Custom Calls and started making crow calls.  Michael soon took over operation of crow calls completely from Bob and has had one of the best crow calls available ever since.  Michael started entering his crow calls in the National Wild Turkey Federation's annual call maker's competition in 2004 and won first place in the decorative class.  When the working class category started in 2006, Michael Buckner chose to enter it and won 1st and 2nd place for the next 4 years.  
















Michael's oldest son Chris Buckner first started making crow calls in late 2009 to get ready for his entry into the NWTF competition in 2010.  Michael decided not to enter so that he was not competing against Chris.  Chris brought home a 1st and 4th place medal along with a Rookie Call maker of the Year medal.  




In late 2010 Michael's second son, this time Casey Buckner, joined and started making crow calls for the 2011 NWTF Convention.  Casey ended up bringing home 2nd and 3rd place that year but then brought the national title back to Buckner Custom Calls in 2012 when he won 1st and 2nd place and beat out Chris Buckner's 1 entry, which ended up 3rd.


















Finally, in late 2012, just when Michael ran out of sons to join the Buckner Custom Calls team, his daughter, Lauren Buckner decided to join.  She opted to make a decorative call for the 2013 NWTF competition and finished in 3rd place with just a wood turned call, facing off against carved calls with thousands of hours of work.  Meanwhile all the Buckner Custom Calls guys faced off against each other for the first time with the result being a 1,2,3,4,5 finish. Chris Buckner took 1st and 3rd, Michael 3rd and 5th, and Casey 4th.

Buckner Custom Calls' Story

Michael and Casey Buckner in front of the Buckner Custom Calls shop.

The One of A Kind Buckner Custom Calls Warranty

At Buckner Custom Calls, our goal is for you to be happy with our calls.  Almost 100% of our advertising is word of mouth, so good words are what we aim for.  If you are not happy, neither are we.  We want you to order or buy our calls; and with our warranty what do you have to lose?


Our warranty works like this:


If you break your call - send it back, we'll fix it.


If your call changes sounds - send it back we'll fix it.


If you can't work your call - send it back we'll give you a different one or your money back.


If you don't like your call - send it back we'll give you a different one or your money back.


If you see a picture of a call that you like better - send yours back and we'll send you the new one.  (Price would have to be the same of course, or you can pay the difference).


The only thing our warranty does not cover is loss.  If you lose your call, we will be happy to help pick you out a new replacement but unfortunately we will have to charge you for it.


If you should have to send a call back to us we require that you send it with a tracking number and insured. We are not the postal service and cannot be held responsible for any items that never make it to us. 

Michael Buckner with his 1st and 2nd place NWTF Grand National Championship winning Crow Calls in 2009.

(Left to right) Lauren Buckner, Casey Buckner, Michael Buckner, and Chris Buckner with their medals at the NWTF Convention in Nashville, TN in 2013.

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