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An example of a Bob Buckner Rose Engine Design Trumpet Call, Turkey Call, Yelper Call

Bob Buckner, the original call-maker for Buckner Custom Calls who has been in retirement since 2008 has decided to make another run of calls.


Bob has been working the past year with his son Michael to create a Rose Engine Design Lathe, and while Michael has been making the Rose Engine Design Line of Pot Calls Bob has secretly been coming up with a few calls of his own.


Bob is now introducing a Limited Edition line of Rose Engine Design Trumpet Calls.   Bob will be making 12 Rose Engine Design Trumpet Calls in 2014.  


These trumpet calls are great turkey calls but look even better. They have elegant designs 360⁰ around the calls and each call is crafted from different exotic materials.


Click the picture to the left to see which Rose Engine Design Trumpet Calls Bob currently has in stock.

Bob Buckner Makes Limited Edition Rose Engine Design Trumpet Turkey Calls

Buckner Custom Calls Turkey Calls, Crow Calls, Deer Grunt Calls, Predator Calls, NWTF Champion
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