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Buckner Custom Calls has designed a trumpet call that is comparable to the way a traditional wing-bone call works.  A trumpet (sometimes called a yelper) call can be an essential part of a turkey hunt, especially if you are on birds that have been well hunted.


Trumpet calls are harder for some people to learn than others.  They take a little more time to get used to but the results are well worth the effort.

The sound of a trumpet call is made by air instead of friction giving it a slightly different sound.  If the turkeys you are hunting are used to hearing friction calls a trumpet call is just what you need to bring them in.  All trumpets come with a lip stop that ensures you get the same sound each time you use the call.  


This is Michael Buckner's field grade line of trumpet calls.  


All that means is that these calls are designed to be in the woods and hunted with.  They are made of less expensive woods, and we don't spend as much time finish sanding these calls so you may be able to see a little bit of grain.  This is done so that we can get you a great sounding, finished product for as low of a price as possible.


This is Michael Buckner's line of fancy trumpet calls.  


Fancy calls simply means that the call will look better.  The call may be made out of a wood that is more expensive, and we will spend much more time finishing the call.  Your call will be crystal clear.  These calls will still sound good and are completely usable to call turkeys they are just a little more dapper while doing so.

Buckner Custom Calls' Trumpet Calls

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