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Buckner Custom Calls is possibly most known for our custom crow calls.  We have, what have proven to be, some of the best crow calls in the world.  We have won a combined 29 awards for our crow calls over the last ten years, including 8 Grand National Championships.  


All of our custom crow calls are handmade, one at a time.  Our mouthpieces are made completetly out of wood and are individually fitted to each call.  These all-wooden mouthpieces are what makes our calls sound so much better than the competition.  

All  of our crow calls come tuned, but are completely adjustable, and can be used as a hawk-screech if you turn the call sideways.  You can watch a video about how to adjust our crow calls.  


You can read about each different type of crow call available and click the pictures to take you to their individual sites.

Michael Buckner has been making one of the world's best crow calls for over 10 years now.  In that time span, he has won 5 NWTF Grand National Call-making competitions and sold hundreds of crow calls to almost all 50 states and to 8+ other countries.  Michael's custom mouthpieces have changed a little over the years but his barrel design has remained very similar since the beginning.

In the past few years, Michael has brought all three of his children into the Buckner Custom Calls family, and introduced the art of making a world-class crow call to them.  While they have started winning awards and getting some recognition for their calls, we still see many people that still want to buy the original Buckner Custom Crow Call, which is one of Michael's.  To see examples of Michael Buckner's Custom Crow Calls or buy one click the picture above.

In 2010, Chris Buckner began his work with Buckner Custom Calls by designing his edition of the Buckner Crow Call.  While the barrel and mouthpieces are different on the outside, the sound is the same as the original.  He has won the NWTF Grand National Call-maker’s competition 2 times, was awarded Rookie Call-Maker of the Year in 2010, and won  the Southeast call-makers competition in Raleigh, NC at the Dixie Deer Classic with 1st place and best of show in the locator division.

Chris’ mouthpiece features a bite-bar.  It is a groove right where your teeth touch the mouthpieces that allow you to bite down as you blow to change the sound of the call.  To see examples of Chris Buckner’s Custom Crow Calls or buy one click the picture above. 

Lauren Buckner made her joining of Buckner Custom Calls official in 2013 with her entry of a Lauren Buckner Custom Crow Call into the NWTF Grand National Call-maker’s Competition.  Lauren is the youngest of Michael’s children and will be his final child to join Buckner Custom Calls. 
Lauren chose to make her calls slightly larger than all the others did.  The barrel has a very simple curved design and the mouthpieces stick further out than the rest of the Buckner Custom Crow Calls, and have a bite groove similar to Chris’.   To see examples of Lauren Buckner’s Custom Crow Calls click the picture above. 

Casey Buckner is Michael's youngest son and officially joined the Buckner Custom Calls team in 2011, by making his first Casey Buckner Custom Crow Calls and entering in the NWTF Call-maker's Competition.  Casey finished 2nd and 3rd place in the NWTF Grand National Competition that year and took 1st place and best of show in the Southeast competition.  Casey reclaimed the National Title in 2012 when he finished 1st and 2nd at the NWTF Grand National Competition, beating out his older brother Chris who finished 3rd


Casey Buckner’s design is similar to Michael’s with the biggest difference coming in the overall thickness of the call.  Casey’s mouthpieces are also different with an entire lip groove where Michael’s are straighter on the ends.  To see examples of Casey Buckner’s Custom Crow Calls click the picture above. 


Buckner Custom Crow Calls

From time to time, we at Buckner Custom Calls will make specialized calls.  This may include custom sets or just calls made of special materials or wood.  Click the picture above to see if there are any currently available. 

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