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Our current delay...

To all of our happy, and as we've seen lately, not so happy customers. We are currently way behind on our call making and our full-time jobs are leaving us with less and less time to spend on catching up.

As our site has said plainly for at least the last couple of years, the current wait time for one of our made to order custom calls is a minimum of two weeks. As of today we've added the statement that it could be up to three months before any made to order calls will ship out.

We've had people over the past couple of weeks ordering calls then placing numerous phone calls within days of ordering demanding calls be shipped out and even making threats, and filing fraud claims with Paypal just after 14 days.

Please keep in mind that a made to order call is custom crafted after we receive your order and that we've built our reputation on having the best crow call that you can buy. We are not going to rush and ship out a call that is less than the quality we expect our calls to have. If you want a call shipped out quickly then you need to contact us before you place the order and confirm the possibility.

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