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Michael Buckner Pot Calls

Pot calls are some of the easiest turkey calls to use, and, can be some of the most effective.  Michael Buckner has been making some of the best sounding pot calls on the market for years.  All of our pot calls are sold with a matching striker, and come with our lifetime guarentee. 


Types of Buckner Custom Pot Calls available are:

Michael Buckner of Buckner Custom Calls is currently making all of Buckner Custom Calls' turkey calls.  There are currently two main styles of calls that he makes, and each of those have more options.  See below for an overview of those main styles, or click the picture to take you to that style's page.

Buckner Custom Calls Turkey Calls, Pot Calls, Slate Calls, Glass Calls, Purr Pots
Buckner Custom Calls Turkey Calls, Trumpet Calls, Yelpers, Wingbone
Michael Buckner Trumpet Calls

Michael Buckner started making trumpet calls in 2008 when Bob Buckner retired.  Trumpets are basically, an artifical wingbone call.  You suck air through a trumpet to get the sound of the turkey call.  You can find out more about trumpet calls and how to use them by clicking the picture above. 

Buckner Custom Calls' Turkey Calls

Buckner Custom Calls: Turkey Calls, Crow Calls, Deer Calls, Grunt Calls, Predator Calls, Rabbit
Bob Buckner Rose Engine Design Trumpet Calls

Bob Buckner retired from call-making in 2008 but has grown restless and dedided to make a few more.  Click the picture above to find out more about his Rose Engine Design Trumpet Turkey Calls.

Buckner Custom Calls Turkey Calls, Trumpet Calls, Yelpers, Wingbone
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